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“Become a Certified Golf Tournament Planner”
December 17, 2014
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“Sell More Tournament Business” for Golf Courses
December 10, 2014
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“Produce a Successful Golf Tournament”
January 13, 2105
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Tournament Tips - For Planners

Sell Bigger Sponsors

Sponsors are your profit. If you want to sell bigger sponsors you must
follow these key steps.

1. Committee - Put together a well connected, trained and motivate committee.

2. Demographics - Know who your marketing efforts will reach.

3. Marketing Plan - That reach customers for your sponsors.

4. Sponsor Packages - That brings sponsors more business.

5. The Right People Asking - That have a connection.

Selling bigger and more sponsors does not have happen but accident. You must have a strategic plan.  Selling is all about relationships. Have the right committee and you will be successful.

Outing Business for Golf Courses

The Selling Process

There is a step by step process that will help you sell better. Follow these steps and you will be more successful.

Be Prepared - Know the competition, customer and market

Introduction - Make them feel comfortable

Qualify - Ask potential customers the right questions

Presentation - Make an impact and create value

Overcome Objections - Help them with the right answers

Close the Deal - Ask for the order

Add on Selling - Offer additional services

Follow up - Stay in touch and show them that you appreciate them

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Make More Money at Your Next Event with the Canon

Golf Tournament Course Directory

Find any golf course anywhere and get the best prices and services. 

GTAA now assists golf tournament planners and organizers cut through the clutter of traditional search engine results with our Golf Tournament Course Directory. A robust digital buyer’s guide, the Directory enables targeted searches for industry-related products and services using either a keyword search or an alphabetized directory search by product category.


Become a Certified Golf Tournament Planner

Become a GTAA Certified Golf Tournament Planner


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