Help Customers Satisfy Their Needs
The better that we know our customers, (Tournament Planners) the better we can serve them. That equates to more golfers in their event, which means more money for your course. If you help your customers and satisfy their needs, they get what they want and you will get what you desire. 

Here are some of the questions you should be asking your clients:

What is the purpose of your event -- fundraising or entertainment?
Have you ever done the event before?
How many players did you have (or would you like to have)?
How much money would you like to raise?
Do you have any committees? 
Do you have a business plan?
Do you have sponsor packages?
How will you be promoting your event?
Do you have a website and registration process?
Will you have any type of auction?
What type of merchandise will you be purchasing and where do you usually purchase it?

These are just a few of the over 50 questions you should be asking to get a full diagnostic of their event. 

By asking these and other questions, you are finding out their needs.  You need to satisfy their needs whenever you can.  The more you do, the more likely you will procure the event.  

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Posted by admin at Jun 23, 2017 Category: Golf Course Tournament Tips