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Do you want to increase business in 2018? It starts now. If you are committed to increasing Tournament Business in 2018 you must have a plan just like a business.  The plan needs to be a well thought out one with details and goals. Here are some questions to consider when preparing for 2018 along with some action items to get started.

  1. How many events did you host in 2017?
  2. How many players per event?
  3. What was the average rate per player?
  4. How much merchandise was sold per player?
  5. What services were offered to your outings and tournaments?
  6. How many more events would you like in 2018?
  7. How will we increase the number of players per event for 2018?
  8. Will you increase the per player rate?
  9. How much merchandise can you sell per player?
  10. What (additional) services can we offer in 2018?


  1. Create a database of potential clients for 2018.

  2. Contact all past customers and find out their status?

  3. Set specific goals for Tournament Sales for 2018?

  4. Determine what types of events you will go after.

  5. Decide who will be calling these potential clients.  

  6. How will you reach out to these potential clients?

  7. Seek out vendors and suppliers to sell to your outings.

  8. Train your entire staff on tournaments and selling.

  9. Set up a VIP and Education Day for potential and current clients.

  10. Create a Monthly Tournament Newsletter to reach out to database.


  1. Hole in One Insurance

  2. Tournament Website

  3. Registration Software

  4. Real Time Scoring

  5. Signs and Banners

  6. Supertickets

  7. Photography

  8. Gifts and Prizes

  9. Auction Mobil Bidding

  10. Games and Contests

For help with creating and developing a Tournament Plan for 2018 call or email
Phil Immordino

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