Finding the Best Golf Courses

Find the Best Golf Course

The golf course is one of the most important decisions that you will make in regard to your outing. Golfers play in tournaments because of the golf course. This is one area that you do not want to be cheap. Golfers have money. If you give them value for their entry fee and they will pay you more.
These are the things that golfers are looking for in a golf course.


  1. Uniqueness – A course they normally they do not play or have access to.
  2. Condition – One that is in great condition.
  3. Service – A course that treats you right from the moment you walk through the door.  There are several nearby that would love your business.
  4. Good food – You want to offer something other than just a hot dog and drink ticket.
  5. Value  - Give your golfers value – let them feel that they are getting more than they are pay for.
Take the rights steps to find the perfect course.
  1. Survey your golfers
  2. Check on the course references
  3. Go play the course, or have the committee play it.
  4. Know the courses around the one you want to play and compare.
  5. Negotiate the best rate.
  1. Be Flexible with schedule – You will get a lower rate if you can you’re your outing during shoulder season and/or Monday through Thursday afternoon.
  2. Consider a Course Buy Out – Ask about a “one set price” for 5 hours for the whole course.  This means you can either spread out your golfers over the entire course with a much faster pace of play.
  3. Multiple Events – Let the course know that there are other events such as the luncheon, casino night or gala dance that will use the venue.
  4. Multi-Year; Suggest a 3-year agreement for a better rate.
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