10 Ways to Motivate Your Staff to Sell More Tournaments
Your team will sell more when you give them more.
Here are a few ideas: 

1. Leads – Have a lead generating contest.  More leads means more sales.  Keep the pipeline full. 

2. Knowledge – Sales Training is a MUST. Be sure your staff knows how to make a presentation, overcome objections  and close a deal. 

3. Confidence – Teach them what their customers need to know.               
Be sure they understand the nuts and bolts of planning a tournament. 

4. Commissions – Incentivize them with a graduated scale.                    
The bigger the commission the bigger the sales.

5. Incentives – Short term goals.                                          
Keep it interesting with monthly contests.     
6. Pride – People like to win.                                             
Make sure the goals are attainable. 

7. Offer more to sell – Merchandise and services                                 
The more you have to offer, the more you have to sell people who are going to buy tournament merchandise and services from somebody.

8. Accomplishment – Acknowledgement                                           
Everyone likes recognition.   

9. Tools – Planning Guides and “How To” manuals                             
Be sure they are equipped with handouts for their customers.

10.  Bring the customer to your course -- 50 to 100 Customers
Host a VIP day.  We can show you how. 
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