Will You Reach or Exceed Your Outing Goals?
Will Your Reach and Exceed Your Outing Goals?

Spring is the start of tournament season for most of the country.  Are you selling the number of tournaments that you need to reach your budget and goals? If you are falling short and do not have events booked that you need, ask yourself these important questions.
  1. Are you building your database of potential clients daily?
  2. Is our staff trained to sell?
  3. Are you in touch with your customers on a regular basis?
  4. Are you making outing going calls?
  5. Are you asking for the order?
  6. Are you helping customers with their event?
  7. Are you helping tournament customers get more golfers?
  8. Are you selling customers the gifts and prizes that they need and will buy?
  9. Are you providing all of the services that they need?
  10. Are you reaching out to potential customers monthly?
Will you reach your goals this year? If not, we can help. We offer a sales training video and manual.
You will learn:
How to sell more events.
How to get more golfers at each event.
How to sell more merchandise and services.
Click here to order your DVD and Sales Manual.
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