18 Steps to Sellibg More Tournaments & Outings

More Tournaments and Outings

Review our checklist to see if indeed you are chugging full steam on all 18 of these key points or need a little help to maximize your full potential.  


1. Golf Course and Facilities Ready
Course conditions, banquet area, menu options 

2. Marketing Materials
Website, brochures, testimonials and references                    

3. Tournament Packages Prepared
Options with value, Levels of inclusiveness, folders with additional information 

4. Planning Tools Ready
How-to manuals, checklists and action items, templates

5. Vendors and Suppliers Organized
Gifts and prizes, services, merchandise, competitive pricing 

6. Databases Created
Past events, request for donations, prospects, other lists 

7. Sales Training of Staff
Organized structure, train everyone, incentive program 

8. Competition Analyzed
Rates, services, clients, venue, course 

9. Market Researched
Industry, economics, demographics 

10. Introduction
First impression, showing quality, credibility 

11. Ice breaker
Build a relationship, comfort level, camaraderie 

12. Qualification
Understanding their needs, decision-making process, potential 

13. Presentation
Creating value, tour, making an impact, giving them a reason 

14. Overcome Objections
Concerns, more information, help them with the decision 

15. Close the Deal
Ask for the order, put it in writing, get a commitment 

16. Add on Selling
Multi-year agreements, merchandise, services 

17. Evaluation
Regroup, discuss opportunities, future commitment 

18. Follow up
Thank you gifts, appreciation, staying connected 


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