Send a Monthly Newsletter to Your Tournament Hosts

Send a Monthly Newsletter

One of the best ways to build your event year after year is to increase the number of golfers and sponsors. The best way to increase the numbers of golfers and sponsors is to stay in touch with them and show them you care.  It is about building and keeping a relationship.
We would like to suggest that you send out a Monthly Newsletter for your golf tournament. A monthly newsletter is a powerful tool to communicate and get your message out.
Why a Tournament Newsletter?

  1. Stay in touch with golfers and sponsors.
  2. Keep your golf tournament front and center on their minds.
  3. Update them about your organization and what you did with the proceeds from the outing.
  4. Update them on the progress of your upcoming golf tournament.
  5. Give sponsors additional exposure throughout the year versus just the one day.
How to start a Tournament Newsletter
The steps are simple.
  1. Create a database of donors, golfers and sponsors.  You may want to make them separate lists so that you can communicate with them separately throughout the year about other things.
  2. Create a template, design and logo.  If doing so on your personal email, you can at least have a logo.
  3. Write the content.  Have someone proof it.
  4. Send it out monthly.

A monthly newsletter will help build your event year after year. Let us know if we can help.

Posted by admin at Nov 20, 2017 Category: Golf Course Tournament Tips