10 Ways to Help Your Outing Customers with Their Event
10 Ways to Help Your Customers with their Event
If you help your customers with their event, you will create a solid relationship which results in more revenue for your course.
Here are 10 simple ways to help your Tournament Customers.
1. Create a Business Plan for their event
Include action items, budgets, responsibilities and time lines.
2. Recruit and Train their Committee
Explain job assignments, responsibilities and training.
3. Formats, Scoring and Handicapping
Suggest formats and scoring options.
4. Sell Sponsors
Create value packages and giving them direction on how to approach sponsors.
5. Promotion and Marketing
Offer websites, social media and database help.
6. Recruit Golfers
Use databases, networking, tee packages for recruiting.
7. Gifts and Prizes
Find unique gifts and great prizes while offering both at an outstanding price.
8. Awards Ceremony 
Orchestrate a fun night that makes money.
9. Auctions
Show them how to make real money with auctions.
10. Follow up
Stay in touch with sponsors and golfers.
If you help people get what they want, you will get what you want.
For more details on how to help your customers email us for a FREE PLANNING GUIDE.
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