How to Sell Major Sponsors

How to Sell Major Sponsors

Selling Sponsors is the most important thing that you need to do for your tournament. Sponsors are the major source of profit. The more sponsors that you have the more money you will make.

What all companies want is more business. You need to approach the right companies with the right packages to give them what they want which is a return on their investment. 

Change your thinking. Your event is not just a golf tournament; it is a marketing tool for sponsors. It is a four month advertising campaign reaching not just to your golfers but others also.

Here are the three key factors that will help you sell sponsors. The audience that you will be reaching, the sponsor packages (what they receive) and the companies that you should approach.

1.  Know your Demographics

Who are the golfers that you are reaching in your marketing efforts?
How are you reaching them?
What is their occupation?
Where do they live?
What do they buy?

2. Create Sponsor Packages that Work

Turn your event into a marketing tool for sponsors.
It is a 3 month campaign, not a 1 day event.
Are you offering a return on investment?
Do sponsors get to meet customers?
Do they have the opportunity to network and sell?

3. Sell the Right Companies

Are you working with companies that you have a relationship with?
Do they sell products and services to your golfers?
Do they have a marketing budget?
Are they companies that you have done business with?
Do they need community exposure?

Good luck selling Sponsors this season as they really do make a difference in your net profit while being a win for them also. 

If you need help with your event, please feel free to give us a call and email.

Phil Immordino   

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