Hire a Part Time Sales Person

Need More Tournaments and Outings?
Hire a Part Time Sales Person


We understand the dilemma. You need more sales but money is tight and you can’t afford to hire a sales person. Your staff is overworked and underpaid and no one has time to make phone calls and sell new events.


Problem Solved

Consider hiring a part time sales person on commission. There are many retired executives in your area are bored, love golf and need something to do. They are perfect candidates to sell more events for you. Talk to your members or regular golfers and post something in the locker room. Here are just a few tips when hiring a sales person.


  1. Pay them 10% commission.
  2. They will pay for themselves.
  3. Let them sell additional merchandise.
  4. Have them sell additional services.
  5. Give them a list of leads to call on.
  6. Train them properly.
  7. Give them goals.
  8. Hold them accountable.
  9. Ask for weekly call reports.
  10. Give them a bonus when they reach their goals.


Sales don’t walk in the front door. You need to go out and find them.



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