Make Your Event the Best it Can Be Hire a Consultant

Make Your Event the Best it Can Be

Consider Working with a
GTAA Certified Tournament Consultant

How Can a GTAA Consultant Help? They can provide:

Money Making Ideas.
Money Saving Ideas.
Assistance in Selling Major Sponsors.
New Formats, Games and Contests.
Best Prices on Products and Services.
Tournament Diagnostics.


They can triple your net income – in other words they pay for themselves.


Here are just a few things that a GTAA Consultant can do for you.  They can:

Create a Business Plan.
Help recruit, train and motivate Volunteer Committees.
Develop and help sell Sponsor Packages.
Negotiate the best deal with the golf course.
Create and execute marketing and promotions plan.
Build a budget, timeline and action items.
Get the best prices for all gifts and prizes.
Develop golfer’s package and assist in getting golfers.
Work with staging, scoring and handicapping.
Coordinate golfer registration and procure the best tournament software out there.
Review all contracts and invoices.
Coordinate auction and awards ceremony.
Help with follow and additional projects.
And much more. 

These are things that you don’t want to do and may not know HOW to do.  Let a professional do it for you.


Find a GTAA Certified Consultant Near You by clicking this link:

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