Planning Guide

Take the right steps when hosting a Golf Tournament and you will be successful. Receive a FREE copy when you register as a Free Member!

Step #1 –   Have a clear purpose and objective

Step #2 –   Put together a motivated and productive committee

Step #3 –   Pick the right format

Step #4 –   Choose a great golf course

Step #5 –   Create a reasonable budget

Step #6 –   Develop a timeline

Step #7 –   Create Sponsor Packages and sell Sponsors

Step #8 –   Promote your event

Step #9 –   Create Golf Packages and Recruit Golfers

Step #10 – Gather Gifts and Prizes

Step #11 – Choose games and Contests

Step #12 – Order Signage

Step #13 – Put together a big auction

Step #14 – Have great photos

Step #15 – Order the food and beverage

Step #16 – Have a fun and exciting Awards Ceremony

Step #17 – Follow up with a “Thank You” and wrap up meeting

Step #18 - Start next year’s event For more in-depth ideas check out
our books, newsletters, conference calls, and seminars.