Golf Tournament Formula for Success

Over the past 30 years we have seen almost every type of tournament and outing that you can imagine from small charity events to major Professional Championships. We have heard from thousands of event planners and what has worked for them and what has failed.

We have put together these 10 key steps for success. See if this formula can work for you.

  1. Create a complete business plan with special purpose and goals.  This will keep everyone focused and on the same page.

  2. Develop a full volunteer committee that is trained and motivated.  This is crucial to the success of your event.  You can't do this alone so you must have people that you can delegate to and know that it will be done.  Remember these people are volunteers so must be incented appropriately.

  3. Find a golf course that offers assistance and value and that is one that golfers want to play.  

  4. Use a format that caters to the caliber of your golfers.  Players want an enjoyable day.  Be sure the format also promotes a timely pace of play.

  5. Have a marketing plan that reaches golfers and gives sponsors exposure.  Getting the word out and getting the sponsors noticed is more important.

  6. Sell Major sponsors by offering a return on investment and new business.  There has to been a return on investment for the sponsor.

  7. Fill your field with golfers with a great event and through relationships.  One of the secrets is the 9-4-4 rule which works solely on relationships.  Get 9 people to ask four people to bring their foursome.  That equates to 144 players.

  8. Give out great gifts and prizes that golfers will come back for.  Forget ho hum.  Look for really unique items.  

  9. Offer games and contests that generate money.  Not only are games and contests fun but they raise additional money as do live and silent auctions.

  10. Stay in touch with golfers and sponsors throughout the year to keep them coming back.  Relationships are key.  Stay on the forefront of your players and sponsors minds. 

These are the key ingredients that we have seen with successful events. Adopt them and you will be successful.
If you need any advice or suggestions for your event, email us of give us a call.
Phil Immordino

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