Make BIG Money with Auctions

Auctions are REALLY BIG MONEY if Done Properly

Auctions go really well with golf tournaments. If you are wondering how some golf tournaments are raising thousands of dollars, most likely it is because they have an auction or two (silent and/or live).  Auctions are big money makers as they give the players an opportunity to shop. Men historically don’t like to shop like women do, but at a golf tournament they can buy things like sports memorabilia that they would normally not buy.


So how do we raise the big money with auctions? Here are just a few ideas that can help.
  1. Auction off small items that are not exciting.
  2. Start late.
  3. Forget to promote your auction/s.
  1. Make your auction/s a priority.
  2. Have a separate committee for your auction/s.
  3. Start early.
  4. Get items in advance.
  5. Promote it early.
  6. Get big items.
  7. Offer unique items they can't buy in stores.
  8. Put items on your website.
  9. Have a great MC for the post golf event and auction/s.
  10. Give golfers the opportunity to bid on their mobile phones.
  1. Experience - dinner with a Celebrity
  2. Golf Experience -- with famous athlete
  3. Trips
  4. Sports Memorabilia
  5. Major appliances
  6. Golf Clubs
  7. Jewelry  
  8. Hard to Purchase Tickets to an Exclusive Sporting Event

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