Choosing the Right Committee Members is Crucial to Your Success


The right committee is so important. The wrong committee will cause you heartache and drama.
If you are the head of the committee or the Executive Director of your organization half of your time should be spent recruiting the right people. The goal should be for you to duplicate yourself. If you can find people that can be as excited as you are, that is half the battle.
If you find people that are committed and you train them properly, you can get so much more done. Imagine ten people working as hard as you do. Your event will be 10 times bigger than it is.
Take time to recruit people. Spend time with potential.

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Need Some New Ideas for Your Outing?


The GTAA is committed to one thing and that is helping you take your event to the next level. If you need new ideas you have come to the right place. We have gathered the top experts in the country that know golf tournaments. They are “GTAA Certified Golf Tournament Consultants”. They have been trained and Certified by the GTAA. They have new ideas that can make your event even better. Give them a call and take advantage of their expertise.
New Tournament Ideas
New Sponsor Ideas
Assisting in Selling Sponsors
New Gift and Prize Ideas
Getting More Golfer.

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Send a Monthly Newsletter to Your Tournament Hosts

Send a Monthly Newsletter

One of the best ways to build your event year after year is to increase the number of golfers and sponsors. The best way to increase the numbers of golfers and sponsors is to stay in touch with them and show them you care.  It is about building and keeping a relationship.
We would like to suggest that you send out a Monthly Newsletter for your golf tournament. A monthly newsletter is a powerful tool to communicate and get your message out.
Why a Tournament Newsletter?

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Finding the Best Golf Courses

Find the Best Golf Course

The golf course is one of the most important decisions that you will make in regard to your outing. Golfers play in tournaments because of the golf course. This is one area that you do not want to be cheap. Golfers have money. If you give them value for their entry fee and they will pay you more.
These are the things that golfers are looking for in a golf course.


  1. Uniqueness –.
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10 Ways to Help Your Outing Customers

We all know that your tournament customers need help. The average event only raises $5000 net after expenses. If you help your customers get what they want, you will increase your business which is what you want.
Here are 10 Ways to help your customers:
  1. Ideas – Give them new creative formats to entice their golfers.  (see below)
  2. Guidance – Give them planning tools and check lists to keep them on task and organized.
  3. Education.
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