Host a 9 Hole Golf Tournament Instead

There are many ways to host a golf tournament. None of them are right or wrong. The question is what works best for you and your group.

For many golfers our time is limited and what we are seeing are alternate formats that take less time which is one reason why leagues are so popular.  One that is gaining quite a bit of popularity is a 9-Hole Golf Event.  You have all of the pomp and circumstance of an 18 hole event including the goody bag, signage, sponsors, on course games, post golf dinner, awards, entertainment, auction, etc.  The only thing is 9 holes versus 18.  

Also, with this type of format you can do a couple of events a year which means more fundraising for your organization and more exposure for your sponsors.  

Here are some of the benefits:

Less time to create
Less expensive to produce
More golfers to participate
More money to be made 
Flexible hours
Evenings and weekends
More availability with golf course

For your next event think about a 9-hole tournament.

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