10 Ways to Help Your Outing Customers

We all know that your tournament customers need help. The average event only raises $5000 net after expenses. If you help your customers get what they want, you will increase your business which is what you want.
Here are 10 Ways to help your customers:
  1. Ideas – Give them new creative formats to entice their golfers.  (see below)
  2. Guidance – Give them planning tools and check lists to keep them on task and organized.
  3. Education – Teach them how to produce a golf tournament so they do a better job.
  4. Promotion – Show them how to use social media and how to send effective emails.
  5. Accountability – Email and call them along the way to see how they are doing.  You won’t have any “surprises” if you do so.
  6. Sponsors – Suggest sponsor packages and businesses to approach which increases their profit.
  7. Golfers – Push for a tournament website and golfer registration which will increase the exposure and sign up.
  8. Gifts and Prizes – Give suggestions for gifts and prizes and offer good pricing since they are going to be purchasing these from someone.
  9. Services – Help them find the services that they need which will result in a higher end event with more pizazz!
  10. Encouragement – Reward them for their progress and efforts as everyone likes to be recognized.
Posted by admin at Oct 24, 2017 Category: Golf Course Tournament Tips
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