Making the Most of the Appeal at Your Outing



$50,000 Additional Raised

One day last summer in Detroit MI, a typical charity golf tournament was being conducted. It was an average event with 80 players and the golf tournament portion, including sponsors, raised approximately $15,000. They were pleased at the end of the event, but this year unlike past years they had decided to present a little more about their charity and what is does and who it helps at the awards ceremony. In the past they just assumed that everyone knew who they were and what they did. With this process they raised an additional $50,000.

The Appeal

This is a process where you tell your story and then ask for money. There are many ways to tell your story but how you present it is key. We have seen many appeals over the years and here are the key denominators that seem to be the most effective.

The Schedule

The best time to make the presentation and do the appeal is at the end of the award ceremony. Once you have feed everyone, handed out the prizes and have their attention, now it is time for the important stuff.

Introduction – Start with a good MC. Someone who can get their attention and introduce the video. 

Video – We suggest a short 5 minute video that tells the story. How the money is being used and who it is helping. 

Testimonials – It would be great if you can find 2 to 3 individuals that can tell their story. Hopefully it will people that have been helped by your organization.

Ask – You will need a good communicator, someone who can share the need and then ask for money. Not in a high-pressure way but in a sincere genuine way that lets people feel comfortable when giving.

Options – It is important to give them several options to give. You will want to have envelopes and pledge forms at the tables.  Allow them the options to: 1. Give a lump sum now; 2. Monthly payments or 3. At the end of the year for tax purposes.

You never know who is in the audience. Make a quality presentation and you will get some unexpected money. There could be someone who is touched by your presentation and feels the need to give. Most people want to give back to the community. They just need a good reason to do it so let them know the “why” about your passion and your cause.

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