• Hole #9: Filling Your Field with Golfers

    Phil Immordino  •  July 28, 2021

“Golfers will pay you more if you give them more”


Why are we doing this in the first place? Many of us think that it is just for the money. If we lose sight of the golfers and focus just on the money we will miss the point. The objective is to create an enjoyable outing for everyone. Golfers do not need to play in your event. They have plenty of options. If they believe in your cause they can just write you a check. But to play in your event you need to give them something special, an event where they have a great time and will come back year after year. Do not go cheap. Give golfers what they want and they will return.  



Here are the things that golfers want and are looking for.

Great Golf Course – All golfers want to play on a great golf course. They will pay you more if you give them more.

Good Food and Beverages – They do not want another burnt hot dog. They love good food. Pay for their drinks, it goes a long way (not alcohol). 

Tee Package – The Players Package (Goodie bag) makes a great first impression and becomes a marketing tool for you and your event. Give them stuff with your logo and they will remember you long term.

To Win – All golfers want to win. Whether it is the main competition or a game and contest, they want to win something. Make as many winners as possible and they will keep coming back.

Prizes – Golfers love to win something of substance. Not trinkets. Make sure that you get great prizes, donated if possible, but if not buy them. They are that important. 

Clients – In many cases they get invited by clients or they bring out their customers. It is a great opportunity to spend quality time with someone and get to know them. 

Contacts – In many cases golfers will come to an event to meet new people and potential customers. Promote your event as a networking tool for them.

Unique event – Golfers love something special, not just another scramble. Give them something different like a pro am, celebrity am or maybe a themed event.

Sense of Urgency – When your event becomes well known it can become the event that everyone has to play in. This is the ultimate goal. Produce a first class event and you will get there.

The Cause – Yes it is important to have a good cause. Golfers and sponsors want to know where their money is going. Make it clear where their money is going.

Recognition – Many golfers want to be seen and participate in the happening events in town. Introduce them and make them feel important.

Value – Is getting more than they pay for. Create a package of all these items and they will feel that they are getting value. 

#1 Reason – Their buddy asks them – Friends ask friends



Now we know why golfers play in golf tournaments, the question is how do we recruit them? Here are the steps to fill your field with golfers.

  1. Make sure you have a great event
  2. Make sure that you have a great cause
  3. Develop a great golfers package
  4. Get your website up to speed with registration process and payment options
  5. Create a quality brochure
  6. Build your database of potential golfers
  7. Send out a blast email
  8. Mail out brochures
  9. Send out press release
  10. Start the advertising and marketing
  11. Committee calling their contacts
  12. Sponsors bringing clients
  13. Call all of last year’s golfers

Don’t take it for granted that golfers will sign up. Your golfer Recruiting Committee must continue to ask golfers and assist them with getting signed up.



Do you want to sell out year after year? Follow this simple formula.

9 people on your committee asking four people to bring a foursome. You are sold out. It is that simple. Just remember that you must give your committee plenty of time, 6 months is recommended. 



Most of your golfers have played in other tournaments and outings. They expect certain things done a certain way.  Let’s make sure that golfers have a great time and become winners and do not forget you for next year. 

What golfers should receive?

  • Fun golf course in good condition
  • Golf course staff that is helpful and polite
  • A smooth registration and sign-in process.
  • Plenty of time to stretch and warm up with free range balls
  • Maybe a shirt clinic or golf lesson on the driving range.
  • A Tee Package or goodie bag with quality products
  • A welcome letter with instructions and schedule of the day
  • Opportunity to buy mulligans, raffle tickets, and any games and contest
  • Opportunity to win games and contest
  • Handicap system that allows them to win the tournament
  • Good food and beverage tickets
  • A welcome and instructions
  • A team photo
  • A clear scoring system
  • A 4 to 4 ½ hour round, no more than 5 hours
  • A fun awards ceremony that is organized and simple
  • An auction that worthwhile items
  • Raffle items that everyone can win
  • Opportunity to give an additional donation
  • Give your golfers what they want and a fun experience and they will be back year after year.