Host A Seminar Or VIP Day

Host a GTAA Seminar

Guaranteed Tournament Business

We have a program that guarantees new tournaments for your facility. It has been proven over and over again throughout the country. Golf courses have been averaging three new tournaments when hosting this program.


This Seminar is a three hour program that helps you reach new tournament business as well as helps your existing tournament customers improve their current events. This in turn ensures more golfers for your course.


Covering all of the areas that tournament coordinators need to improve their golf events: Selling Sponsors, Recruiting Golfers, Motivating Volunteers, Formats, Promotions, Games and Contests, Budgets and time lines, and so much more.


Together we will promote the seminar to bring in new business, such as; Corporations, Meeting Planners, Associations, Charities, Chambers, Civic Groups, Schools, Churches and many others.


One of the best things about the seminar is that it should not cost you anything. Vendors and sponsors have been covering the cost. Your vendors will pay you to be there and support the program. These are potential vendors for customers also.


We have found that tournaments are planned four to six months in advance. Now is the perfect time to host a seminar because it helps you book business for the rest of the year.


We provide you with a step by step process to host and produce a successful event. In addition, we will help promote the event to our thousands of members.


Call for special pricing.

Host a VIP Day

Do It Yourself VIP Day and Seminar Package

Host your own VIP Day including an educational program for Prospective and Existing Customers.

Do it yourself with the complete "GTAA VIP DAY TOURNAMENT SEMINAR PACKAGE" which has everything you need to do your own VIP Day and educational seminar. This program is guaranteed to increase your tournament and outing business or your money back.

The Golf Tournament Association of America, the industry's expert on the golf tournament business, now offers a complete VIP Day Tournament Seminar Package for golf courses. We have conducted hundreds of golf tournament educational seminars across the United States for thousands of tournament event planners. We now have a great DO IT YOURSELF option to take your tournament business to the next level, put you ahead of your competition, and increase your revenues simply by creating and educating new and existing tournament event planners.

These seminar packages are geared to bring back your current clients, but more importantly attract new prospects by co-branding with the GTAA. And no one does it better!


You host a one day VIP Day and educational seminar designed to bring new tournament business, help your existing tournaments improve sponsorship, player participation and volunteer organization, and lastly, build loyalty with all customers. The VIP Day includes:

  • 1 -2 Hour Seminar - includes Speaker on video (Add your own sales presentation)
  • Luncheon with Networking (and Vendor Presentations, if desired)
  • Golf Outing (optional)
  • Awards Ceremony (optional)


Increasing Tournament and Outing Business

  • Gain exposure to tournaments and outings throughout your community
  • Book new events
  • Increase player count for existing tournament customers
  • Keep existing customers coming back and shows them you care about their business

GTAA Provides

  • Everything you need to plan this VIP Day event including:
  • Step by Step Guideline
  • Complete VIP Day Checklist, Timeline / Action Item Checklist, Detailed Agenda and Room Set Up list
  • Templates for Invitations, Press Release, Letters, Flyer, Poster, Registration Materials, Participant Survey, Attendee Thank You, and Preview Play Certificate (Easy to customize for your event and property)
  • DVD "Take Your Golf Tournament to the Next Level" (See how it's done or to show at your event if you choose)
  • DVD "How to Sell More Golf Tournaments" (Training for you and your staff)
  • 25 Tournament Planning Guides (For your participants and prospects)
  • Power Point Presentation with Speaker Outline (Customize each for your presentation)
  • An e-blast Seminar Invitation sent to the GTAA Members database for event planners within a two hour commute to your location


  • "How to Produce a Successful Golf Tournament" Book customized with your club logo
  • "Increasing Tournament Business" Book
  • Golf-a-Thon Manual (Running a successful golf marathon)
  • GTAA Preferred Golf Course Status including recognition and link on GTAA website
  • Monthly Newsletter "Tournament Business"
  • Monthly Teleconference Calls "Selling More Tournaments"
  • Directory of Vendors and Suppliers
  • Tournament Prospect Resource List (Provides many untapped sources for tournament planners)