Planning Guides & Manuals

Planning Guide

Step #1

Have a clear purpose and objective

Step #2

Put together a motivated and productive committee

Step #3

Pick the right format

Step #4

Choose a great golf course

Step #5

Create a reasonable budget

Step #6

Develop a timeline

Step #7

Create Sponsor Packages and sell Sponsors

Step #8

Promote your event

Step #9

Create Golf Packages and Recruit Golfers

Step #10

Gather Gifts and Prizes

Step #11

Choose games and Contests

Step #12

Order Signage

Step #13

Put together a big auction

Step #14

Have great photos

Step #15

Order the food and beverage

Step #16

Have a fun and exciting Awards Ceremony

Step #17

Follow up with a "Thank You" and wrap up meeting

Step #18

Start next year's event For more in-depth ideas check out our books, newsletters, conference calls, and seminars.

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Free Manuals

We are proud to be able to offer some of the key planning tools that you will need for all of the events that you are planning. These manuals will help you every step of the way with clear precious steps to hosting successful events. Fill out the form to receive your free manual.

For Golf Courses

Increasing Tournament Business
Everything you need to know to increase you bottom line through tournaments.

Tournament Business Plan Outline
A guideline to assist you with developing your own plan to increase tournament revenue.

Night Golf Course Operations Manual
How to produce night golf events during the season and on weekends, filling your tee sheet and creating new golfers.

VIP and Educational Day Manual
How to thank your current customers and inviting new potential customers to see your property and teaching them to produce a better event.

Tournament Consultant Manual
Becoming a Tournament Consultant to your customers helping them every step of the way through the process.

For Tournament Planners

How to Produce a Successful Golf Tournament
Your complete guide from start to finish in hosting a Successful Golf Outing. 18 Key Steps, 60 pages.

How to Produce a Golf-a-thon (Golf Marathon)
Golfers raising pledges and playing 100 Holes of golf in one day raising lots of money for your organization

How to Produce a Charity Night Golf Event
Great new idea that attracts new golfers. Playing 9 holes in the evening.

Tournament Planning Guide
A simple fill in the blank guide keeping you on track.

100 Step Check List
Every step and action item you need. You will never forget anything.

Must Reads in the Golf World

“How to Produce a Successful Golf Tournament”

  • Hole #1. Your Purpose and Goals
  • Hole #2. Putting Your Team Together
  • Hole #3. Timeline and Action Items
  • Hole #4. Finances and the Budget
  • Hole #5. Finding and Working with the Golf Course
  • Hole #6. Format and Scoring Methods
  • Hole #7. Games and Contests
  • Hole #8. Sponsors and Donors
  • Hole #9. Marketing and Promotions
  • Hole #10. Filling Your Field with Golfers
  • Hole #11. Gifts and Prizes
  • Hole #12. Silent and Live Auctions
  • Hole #13. Signs and Banners
  • Hole #14. Photos and Videos
  • Hole #15. Day of Operations
  • Hole #16. Awards Ceremony
  • Hole #17. After the Event
  • Hole #18. The Future

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“Golf Tournament Games and Contests”

  • 150 Side Games
  • 135 Tournament Formats
  • 50 Scoring Methods
  • 50 Fundraising Ideas

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“The Religion of Golf Golfers Bible”

  1. In the Beginning
  2. Salvation
  3. The Sanctuary
  4. The Sacraments
  5. The Saints
  6. Eight Deadly Sins
  7. Spiritual Gifts
  8. The Beatitudes
  9. The Blessings
  10. Tongues and Babble
  11. Writings and Teachings
  12. Holy Days and Events
  13. Holy Objects and Basic Needs
  14. Denominations
  15. The Deities
  16. Ministries and Eternity
  17. Financial Giving
  18. Body Is a Temple
  19. Conclusion – 19th Hole

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List of Manuals

1.How to Produce a Successful Golf Tournament
2.Golf Tournament Games and Contests
3.Golfathon Manual
4.Night Golf Manual

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