• Hole #7: Selling Major Sponsors and Donors           

    Phil Immordino  •  July 29, 2021

Sponsors are the profit, give them a ROI


Selling Sponsors is the most important thing that you need to do for your tournament. Sponsors are the profit. The more sponsors that you have the more money you will make.

The challenge for most groups is that they have not been selling sponsor packages. Offering a company a small hole sign and their name in the brochure is not enough to get companies excited and give sponsors what they want.

What all companies want is more business. We need to approach the right companies with the right packages to give them what they want which is a return on their investment. So we need to change our thinking. Our golf tournament is not just a one day event for 144 players. We should look at our event as a marketing tool for sponsors. A four month advertising campaign reaching not just our golfers but others also.

Let’s talk about the three key factors that will help you sell sponsors. The audience that you will be reaching, the sponsor packages (what they receive) and the companies that you should approach.  


Sponsors want to know who they will be reaching if they sponsor your event. They are not interested in 144 golfers. They want to reach a wider audience. Consider who you will be promoting your event to. Here are some things to look at when promoting your event.

  1. Who will be receiving your brochure?
  2. How many people are in your database?
  3. Will you do any blast emails?
  4. Who looks at your website?
  5. Will you have any advertising on radio, TV or in newspaper and/or magazines? What is the audience for that advertising?
  6. Will you be getting any PR?


Your sponsors want a bigger reach, not just the golfers of that day. They want to sell their products and services. We must take an in depth look at who our marketing efforts are reaching. Your sponsors want to know specific details about the audience that you will be promoting your event to. This is what they want to know.

Occupation – What do they do for a living?

Income – What is their annual income?

Geographic's – Where do they live?

Buying trends – What do they buy?


Once you have determined your market and potential audience, then we must be able to offer companies items in the sponsor packages that work for them. Potential sponsors are looking for items in their sponsor packages that bring business and that drive traffic. 

Return on Investment - If they give $1 they want $4 in return

More business - Promoting their company

Exposure - Mass media, blast e-mails, website links

Testing and sampling - On site display, meeting customers

Buying opportunity – Brochure distribution, Coupons, Discounts 2 for 1


EXAMPLES - Here are some examples of what should be in sponsor packages: Display opportunity, sampling, Website links, Blast e-mails, Brochure distribution, Discounts for sponsor clients, Signage, Meeting customers, Media exposure, Promotion



The final link to this puzzle is who to you approach and sell to. It is true that companies want a return on investment but the number one reason that companies buy sponsorships for a golf tournament is because of a relationship with someone on the committee. You still need a good cause and a quality event, but the reason that they are going to buy is because they have a relationship with you or someone on your committee.  



The next step is to pull together your committee and have them bring all of their contacts and relationships. Here are some relationships to explore.

Industry Vendors - Who do you buy from?

Board Members – With companies who will benefit

Beneficiaries - Look at the alumni of your organization who have benefited from your group.    

Accounts Payable – Vendors, they know you and you give them money

Rolodex/ Business cards – Past key relationships.

Partnerships - Big companies with vendors who support your organization.

PRICING – The pricing of your packages will vary. Just remember they want a return on investment.

Sponsors are the key to your financial success. Turn your event into a marketing tool for companies, create sponsor packages that offer them a return on investment and approach people that you know and that can benefit and get new business.


Sample Sponsor Packages


  • Company Name in Title of the Event.
  • Company Name and Logo in all Promotional Material
  • Company Name in all Advertising and PR efforts
  • Company logo on the front pocket of the golf shirt for all golfers
  • Event Signage, Hole Signs, Banners, Tee Boxes, Carts
  • Company information given to all participants
  • 2 Foursomes
  • Display table at the event
  • Company Executive to MC Awards Ceremony
  • Business Category Exclusivity
  • Investment $7,500


  • Company Name and Logo in all Promotional Material
  • Company Name in all Advertising and PR efforts
  • Event Signage, Hole Signs, Banners, Tee Boxes, Carts
  • Company information given to all participants
  • Company logo on the golf shirt sleeve
  • 1 Foursome
  • Display table at the event
  • Company Name and Logo on Winners Trophies.
  • Exclusivity
  • Investment $5,000


  • Golf for Foursome Included in Tournament
  • Recognition as Lunch Sponsor on all print and media promotions
  • Large Company Logo on Tournament Website
  • Company Banner Displayed at Lunch
  • Opportunity to provide promotional items for Goody Bags
  • Public Recognition of sponsorship during luncheon & award presentation
  • Featured  Mention in the Newsletter
  • Investment $2500


  • Recognition as Hole Sponsor on Tournament Webpage
  • Small Company Logo on Tournament Website
  • Opportunity to station personnel at hole during the Tournament
  • Opportunity to provide promotional items for Goody Bag
  • Par 3 holes eligible for Hole In One contest
  • Company Banner at Hole
  • Investment $1000

Sample Sponsor Letter


We would like to present an exciting golf event that will give you an opportunity to entertain clients and gain exposure to potential clients. This will include golfers from around the community and will raise money for a worthwhile cause. (Describe Organization and who it benefits)

The 1st Annual Phoenix Leaders Challenge will start with a shotgun start at 8:00 a.m. on March 15, 2000, at Arrowhead Country Club in Phoenix. This is a unique golf tournament that will be a full day of exciting events including a Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin and Hole in One Contest as well as a Raffle, Auction and many great prizes. 

This is an opportunity for your company to reach many clients and help raise money for this great cause. Please consider participating as a sponsor. As a sponsor you will receive:

  • Company Name in all Promotional Material
  • Extensive marketing campaign.
  • Display Table with Company Services.
  • Foursome in Tournament.
  • Company Sign in Tee Box.
  • Company Name Mentioned in Awards Ceremony.

A contribution of $5000 is tax deductible and will provide you will the benefits mentioned above. We appreciate your consideration. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

We will be in touch soon.


John Smith

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